Вы уверены что хотите убрать свой "лайк"? Учтите, что, если у вас была взаимная симпатия, она пропадет
У вас возникла взаимная симпатия


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Познакомлюсь: с женщиной в возрасте 40 - 60 лет в США
Цель знакомства: дружба, любовь, брак, встреча

О себе

I will be in Kiev, monday the 14th of July, for 3 months

I do not speak Russian.

My family and friends are very important to me. I have a passion for the outdoors, traveling and experiencing different cultures. I only speak English I would like to meet someone who's charismatic, kind, and enjoys the outdoors. I am looking for someone that loves to smile a lot, I don't think there's anything that is more powerful than the smile of a woman that loves you, to turn around a bad day. I would like to meet someone who is even-tempered because life is to short for confrontation or drama. There may be times that we do not see eye to eye on something or perhaps just a different view of opinion, so I would like to meet someone that is willing to agree to disagree and move on. Even though I may not agree with you I would still respect your opinion and I would appreciate the same from you. If we have an opportunity to meet you will see I am a very positive kind of guy and try to see the best in everyone. I am very playful, I'm the type of guy to come up behind you and gently nibble on the back of your neck or whisper I love you in your ear for no reason other just to let you know I am thinking of you. And walk on doing whatever I was going to do. I enjoy being with my partner but I do like my along time too. I am a big believer in mutual respect. I'm looking for someone who lives a healthy lifestyle exercises and eats healthily. And of course, there needs to be a physical attraction. Please, Ladies, don't lie about your age, after all, I will find out the truth and a lie is not the way to start a possible relationship. for a reply please show photos of yourself after all you have seen me.Looking for a farm girl at heart, someone who likes to be outside and garnering, I guess I am looking for my best friend. I am looking for a woman who's not afraid or ashamed to show affection'

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Семейное положение: вдовец
Наличие детей: 3
Страна рождения: США
Материальное положение: ниже среднего
Проживание: с компаньонами

Внешний вид

Рост: 170 см
Вес: 96 кг
Я выгляжу: хорошо
Телосложение: широкое
Цвет кожи: светлый
Цвет глаз: карие
Длина волос: длинные
Тип волос: прямые
Цвет волос: черные

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Знание языков: русский

Адрес анкеты: https://rusdate.us/u/ki9511093
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John, 65
Prescott, AZ, США
Я ищу женщину 40-60 лет

I will be in Kiev, monday the 14th of July, for 3 months I do not speak Russian. My family and friends are very important to me. I have a...
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